Sunday, April 13, 2008

R22 vs R410A

Your aircon not cold? Most likely your "gas" are low. "TOP UP GAS, TOP UP GAS!" Most people called it as "gas" but actual way of saying is refriegerant. R410A is a type of refrigerant. A liquid coolant that makes air conditioning possible. R410A was developed as an alternative to R22 (Freon), which will be phased out over the coming years in response to international environmental concerns.

Why R410A is better?
- contains no chlorine, it’s ozone responsible
- better suited for use in higher-efficiency equipment
- energy cost savings
- cool your room faster

R410A Q & A

Will an R410A air conditioner cost more than one using R22?
Yes definintely! 2 - 3 times more expensive than R22!

Do I have to replace my current R22 air conditioner now?
The production of R22 is not scheduled to be phased out until 2020, so there will be R22 available for the servicing of units for some time to come.

Will there be another alternativerefrigerant for use in the future?
Currently all HVAC manufacturers have approved R410A as the only refrigerant acceptable for use in residential.

Can I use R410A in my existing R22 air conditioner?
No. The use of R410A in any unit not specifically designed for the refrigerant can damage the unit. Furthermore, the gas guage are not able to insert into R410a aircon.


R22 going to phase out at 2020, so by that time there are no ways to pump up your aircon's "gas" which are still using R22. So what I recommend is when you want to install new aircon better be inverter using R410A. So I forseed... by 2020 there will be alot of people installing new aircon using R410A, WAoh! $_$


Anonymous said...

Steve said...
R417A R22 Replacement.

Steve said...

NU22 (R417A)
NU22 is quickly becoming the most practically accepted solution to the phasing out challenge of HCFC-22. Availability ensured, this product has been designed as a blend consisting of three separate pure HFC/ HC refrigerants (R125/ 134a/ 600) all mass-produced by a variety of companies worldwide. With R22 similar operating characteristics, NU22 is ideal for new or existing R22 systems. A direct drop-in replacement, this product does not require any expensive system modifications, oil changes, product specific charging tools, instruments or retrofit equipment. Ideal for use in low, medium and high temperature systems, NU22 is the serviceman’s single source when it comes to replacing all your R22 equipment applications. Used both as an OEM and service replacement, NU-22 will dramatically assist in the removal of HCFCs from the industry cycle

Stefan said...

Hi Can you help please!
I have an unused but new pre installed HVAC ducting system with pipe size of 3/8"&5/8" which I think is for R22 system but I want to fit R410a System with smaller flare nuts of 1/4"&1/2" Can I braze the smaller pipes to the bigger pipes about 500mm from the unitto make it fit, or will this not work OK!

Thankyou for your help